For a River Heritage Museum at Grand Canyon National Park


Grand Canyon River Heritage Artifacts

The National Park Service has identified the items listed below for potential display in the river heritage museum. These items currently reside in Grand Canyon National Park’s collection of river related historical objects and cultural resources.

John Wesley Powell related:

  • piece of Nellie Powell boat
  • Frederick Dellenbaugh book ‘A Canyon Voyage’
  • Walter Clement Powell diaries
  • Original news articles about Powell expedition
  • Powell centennial artifacts
  • Expedition photos


  • Book ‘Report Upon the Colorado River of the West’ by Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives
  • “Colorado River Controversies” by Robert Brewster Stanton

Stone Boat:

  • Life jacket from Stone expedition
  • Cooking artifacts from Stone expedition, including kettle, cutlery, plates, cups, bowls, sponge
  • ‘Canyon Country’ book by Julius Stone

Kolb Brothers:

  • ‘Shooting the Rapids’ Kolb business card
  • brochure for ‘Shooting the Rapids’ movie
  • sign advertising the Kolb movie and lecture
  • poster advertising the Kolb movie and lecture
  • photos from the expedition
  • Kolb book ‘Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico’ by Ellsworth Kolb

Glen Boat:

  • duffle bag and sleeping bag from expedition
  • canteen associated with the Glen
  • photos from expedition
  • oars associated with the Glen

Norm Nevills:

  • Norm Nevills’ hat-Norm Nevills’ film footage
  • ‘Floristic Studies in the Canyon of the Colorado and Tributaries’ book, by Clover and Jotter
  • photos from Nevills trips
  • original newspaper articles about expedition
  • Elzada Clover diaries
  • Norm Nevills’ notes in Tapeats Creek register

Esmeralda Boat:

  • ignition key
  • oars associated with Esmeralda
  • ‘Hudson Expedition’ brochure
  • expedition photos

Music Temple Boat:

  • oars associated with the Music Temple

GEM Expeditions:

  • PT Reilly river diary
  • movie footage from Moulty Fulmer
  • photos from trips

Jet Boat/ Up-run Expedition:

  • ‘Nine Against the River’ movie
  • ‘Grand Canyon Uprun’ movie
  • ‘Colorado Jet Boat Expedition’ book by Joyce Hamilton
  • photos from the expedition

Georgie White:

  • ‘Georgie River Rats’ ball cap
  • brochure for ‘Georgie’s River Rats’
  • copies of journals from people on Georgie river trips
  • newsletters related to ‘Georgie’s River Rats’
  • advertising poster for ‘Georgie’ trips
  • ‘Georgie River Rats’ t-shirts
  • photos from ‘Georgie’ trips

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