For a River Heritage Museum at Grand Canyon National Park

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Thinking Outside the Box…Of Boats

Ten years ago at this time, Brad Dimock was cajoling anyone who would listen that, “we gotta do something about those old boats.” There were then about a dozen river-running boats that have shaped the human experience in Grand Canyon and they were languishing in the Visitors Center courtyard. “Save The Boats” became the rallying […]

Conceptualizing The Possibilities: The Grand Canyon River Heritage Museum Project

The vision for the Grand Canyon River Heritage Museum has its roots in the 1995 General Management Plan of Grand Canyon National Park. Consistent with the Park’s purpose, this guiding document seeks to encourage “appropriate use and adaptive reuse of historic structures, while preserving historic integrity.” In a world where we increasingly look for ways […]

Grand Canyon River Heritage Coalition

At the Spring GTS and in the last issue of the BQR, we introduced the river community to the Grand Canyon River Heritage Coalition (GCRHC)—a diverse group of river stakeholders dedicated to celebrating and preserving the vibrant river running history, culture, traditions, and diverse river craft of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. GCRHC’S main […]

The Boats Will Speak: Introducing the Grand Canyon River Heritage Coalition

For such a diverse, colorful, and independent- minded group as Grand Canyon river runners tend to be, there is one thing that uniformly makes them wax nostalgic. In a single word: boats. The stories, and perhaps a few beers, start to flow freely, and they’re immediately transported by their love of boating, their passion for […]