For a River Heritage Museum at Grand Canyon National Park

Board of Directors

Owner, Canyoneers, Inc.

My life as a river guide and outfitter began in 1956, with invitational trips down the San Juan and Grand Canyon, and has spanned the dam-building period and the popularity-surge of Grand Canyon river running. I’m very excited about helping Grand Canyon National Park establish a special museum where their unique collection of historic river-running boats and lore can be viewed and appreciated by Park visitors.

President, Grand Canyon River Runners Association

I’ve had fabulous guides on my several Grand Canyon rafting trips. Their tutelage has brought to life the history of the Colorado River and sparked my ever growing interest in the boats and the people who traversed Grand Canyon in them. Now, as a representative of Grand Canyon River Runners Association, I am pleased to have the opportunity to help preserve some of that boating history through the efforts of this coalition.

Mark Grisham

Owner, Colorado River Discovery, LLC
Mark Grisham is a NPS concessioner who, along with his partners, operates Colorado River Discovery, LLC in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. His company provides day tours on the Colorado River between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry. From 1996 through 2010, Mark served as the executive director of the Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association.

Executive Director, Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.

As Executive Director of Grand Canyon River Guides, a non-profit educational and environmental organization with over 1,700 members, it has been my greatest pleasure to help protect Grand Canyon and the river experience while urging others to do the same. Preserving our colorful river running heritage for future generations to enjoy is both a distinct responsibility and a profound honor.

Editor, Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association

I came to the Canyon as a hiker, but jumped aboard rafts nearly thirty years ago as a private boater. In 1996 I helped found the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association, serving as editor of their publications for fourteen years as well as several terms as its President, and as the GCPBA spokesperson throughout the Colorado River Management Plan revision process representing the interests of private boaters.

I have been boating rivers for almost 40 years, with a favorite being the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Being a commercial boatman led me to research river history, to my avocation of Colorado River historian, and to my vocation of Research Librarian for the Glen Canyon Environmental Studies office and The Special Collections Librarian at Northern Arizona University Cline Library. It is my pleasure to be involved in this exciting project of preserving boats and promoting river heritage.

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