For a River Heritage Museum at Grand Canyon National Park

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Formed in 2009 by a diverse group of organizations and individuals, the Grand Canyon River Heritage Coalition, Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity taking on the challenge of sharing Grand Canyon’s remarkable collection of rivercraft, artifacts and river lore with the world. The Coalition’s main goal is to promote the development of the proposed Grand Canyon River Heritage Museum to be located within Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim historic district.

Previously, the Grand Canyon River Heritage Coalition was very pleased to have entered into a partnership agreement with the National Park Service to pursue the development of a viable river heritage and historic boat museum to be located within Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim historic district. Unfortunately, the Grand Canyon National Park superintendent and his staff have since declined to move the effort forward, citing new objectives and competing priorities. Unless and until the National Park Service decides to revisit the question of redeveloping the South Rim historic district with an emphasis on expanding interpretative visitor opportunities, as opposed to concessioner managed and directed commercial business development, the river heritage museum effort cannot move forward.

Each member organization of the Coalition holds a unique stake in the canyon’s river heritage and brings a valuable perspective to the project. We remain united by our passionate desire to preserve the essence of the Colorado River experience – its past, present, and future.  At present the Coalition includes:

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association
Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.
Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association
Grand Canyon River Runners Association
Grand Canyon Trust
National Trust for Historic Preservation

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