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Richard QuartaroliRICHARD QUARTAROLI, Chairman
I have been boating rivers for almost 40 years, with a favorite being the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Being a commercial boatman led me to research river history, to my avocation of Colorado River historian, and to my vocation of Research Librarian for the Glen Canyon Environmental Studies office and The Special Collections Librarian at Northern Arizona University Cline Library. It is my pleasure to be involved in this exciting project of preserving boats and promoting river heritage.

I’ve been rowing, paddling, motoring, and flailing on a wide variety of boats in Grand Canyon for nearly forty years, and have had the unique pleasure of building and/or rowing many replicas of the historic craft of the Colorado. The history of running this river has been my passion for many years, and I have researched and written several books on some of the mythic characters starring in that tale.

Blessed to be born into a Grand Canyon family extending from rim to river. Mom raised on South Rim –grandparents lived in Hopi House 1919-1955. Parents met there-beginning of life-long family love affair with the Canyon–Dad, Bill Belknap-early river runner (#114 through Canyon), photographed many river pioneers and their historic boats. Bill and brother Buzz piloted some of the boats (jet and sportyak) which are in the River Heritage Collection. Loie hooked on rowing, paddling and guiding at early age. Co-author and publisher with Buzz Belknap: Westwater Books, Belknap’s Waterproof Grand Canyon River Guide (in print since 1969-updated yearly). Great fun to be part of this exciting River Heritage project.

I’ve been lucky enough to build/ restore/ repair and row wooden river boats associated with Grand Canyon, now for over 20 years. Their beauty/ performance/ history/ and character tell a great tale of human drama on the Colorado River. I’m proud to be a part of the advisory end of the Heritage-coalition, and helping show case these spirited vessels.

Lew Steiger has been a working guide in Grand Canyon since 1972. As interviewer, recordist, and editor for Grand Canyon River Guides’ expansive Colorado River Runners Oral History Project, Mr. Steiger has been exposed to a uniquely vivid picture of boating in the Canyon. Mr. Steiger has been a sound recordist on nationally broadcast shows by PBS, BBC, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and National Graphic Explorer. He also designed, wrote and co-programmed the Kolb Brothers Interactive Kiosk at Grand Canyon. Additionally, Mr. Steiger served as audio technician/cameraman for the “United Indian Traders Association Oral History Project”, and worked as creative director and editor/web designer for “Traders, Voices from the Trading Post”, a digital Internet exhibit at NAU Cline Library, Special Collections.

In 1971, I was a passenger on a 19 day Grand Canyon Dories trip, met Martin Litton, and somehow convinced him to let me work as one of his boatmen. I then spent many years teaching school in Phoenix during the off season, rowing a dory during the summer, and falling in love with the Canyon. I have also been very fortunate to spend time with conservator Brynn Bender, working on some of the Grand Canyon’s collection historic boats.

Roy WebbROY WEBB, C.A.
I grew up on the banks of the San Juan and the river has never left me, nor have I left the river. I’m an archivist, historian, and writer about the Green and Colorado Rivers. I’m excited to be part of this effort to preserve the river heritage of the Colorado and the Grand Canyon.

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