For a River Heritage Museum at Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon River Heritage Coalition

At the Spring GTS and in the last issue of the BQR, we introduced the river community to the Grand Canyon River Heritage Coalition (GCRHC)—a diverse group of river stakeholders dedicated to celebrating and preserving the vibrant river running history, culture, traditions, and diverse river craft of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. GCRHC’S main goal is to raise tax-deductible funds for project advocacy—public outreach tools designed to promote the development of a state-of-the-art Grand Canyon River Heritage Museum at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Is the project intriguing? Certainly. But is a River Heritage Museum actually possible? Absolutely, but only if we garner the staunch support of the river community (that means you!) and expand our focus to the public at large (you can help with that too!). This project has its roots in the General Management Plan of Grand Can- yon National Park that envisioned a broad interpretive education campus at Grand Canyon’s South Rim, housed in the historic buildings across the railroad tracks from the Bright Angel Lodge. The River Heritage Museum is therefore a critical component of a much larger picture, because it will serve as the important catalyst for the rejuvenation and re-purposing of this historic area into a thriving “Village Interpretive Center” worthy of this iconic national park.

To further pique your interest, we would like to share artist’s renderings of exterior and interior views from the Feasibility Study conducted by the Pfau Long architecture team from San Francisco. Fantastic, aren’t they?

These boats will “speak,” but only with your help. Please consider supporting our project advocacy efforts today with a tax deductible contribution either by mail or on the GCRHC website. And spread the word!